Its all about English Vinglish!

If you have ever travelled abroad, especially Europe or South America or South East Asia, you must have faced language problem. We Indians used to have a notion earlier, that its mandatory to be fluent in English in order to explore the world. However this concept is wrong as half of the world does not even speak English! In Europe, except for the United Kingdom and Switzerland, people hardly know English! Each nation has their own mother tongue and they are very happy in keeping themselves restricted to their culture. The situation is similar in South America as well as South East Asia. In all, there are a very few English speaking nations in the world; the major ones being United Kingdom, United States, Australia, Canada and of course India! Yes, India..the country where English is a foreign language is spoken the most.
So why the obsession with this alien language? Mandarin is the maximum spoken language in the world followed by Espanol and then our very English. If the Chinese and Latinos can be so satisfied with their native tongues, why can't we be? Why do we need to adopt a foreign tongue? The answer is very simple...its because of the vastness of our nation.
Our motherland is not only vast in area but even more vast and diverse in language and culture. In this land of 122 major languages and 1599 others, the dialect changes every 50 kilometres. So it is palpable how diverse our country is! Even though Hindi is the national language, it is mostly spoken in North and Central India only. Rest of the parts are not that fluent in Hindi. Hence there rose a need for a single official language which is no one's own yet can be adapted by everyone. And that made English the official lingo...a language which is recognized all over the world and pan India too. Higher education is imparted only in English and hence if you want to progress further, English is mandatory. Also if you want to go /settle abroad for even higher education, English is indispensable! In a nutshell, English education is the secret path to development!
Now, the vital question. Is English education accessible to all in India? Sadly, no! India has major rural parts where primary education is distant leave English education. So why do we need to teach all the kids English? Because we want to stand at par with the developed world. Our country boasts of the world's best brains and a language barrier should not come in between! There are millions of children in rural India who are keen on learning the language but have no scope in doing so. So how do we help them?

Nihar Naturals Shanti Amla, a major hair oil in the country has come out with ‘Pathshala Funwala’ initiative, which endeavors to make education accessible, anywhere anytime. If there’s a child, who wants to, but doesn’t have access to learn English, then you can come to their aid by introducing to them this unique toll free number 8055667788 . As they say “If you change nothing, then nothing will change”. Be a part of this change and help whoever you can find.
You check it out for yourself how fun and simple is their way of teaching English. We can change our nation, one step at a time! With English Education becoming so easy and accessible, soon our kids are going to take the world by storm!

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