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Peppy Aminabad

I was born in the holy city of Varanasi. But I consider myself from Lucknow. There is a substantial reason behind it. My medical education is from Lucknow. Yes I am a medical graduate from the elite King George Medical College of Lucknow. It is one of the five medical colleges of India which was there before India got her independence. The graduation years really shape the kind of person you are when you grow up. Since we are so naive during the school years, college has a great impact on us. In fact college is the first time when we actually venture out independently, without our parents. So its the time we develop our own identities.
Lucknow is famous for so many things. Its the city of Nawabs...everything is lavish and royal. From the food habits to architecture to wardrobes and all, everything has a 'Nawabi' flavour to it. During my MBBS years, I had explored the whole of Lucknow city by its length and breadth. From trying different cuisines to hanging out at the most famou…

My Innate Navigation System

To start with, this is one thing everyone agrees that I have. Its my in built navigation system. Don’ t get me wrong, but I am not bragging. I can find the routes to unseen destinations in unknown places. I kind of have a hunch that guides me. When I travel through any place, that route gets etched in my mind.
Also I have a tendency to find out the shortest route possible. I can’t explain how and why I select a particular path but I am never wrong!Last year when we were planning our Greek trip, we had planned to ride across the islands of Paros and Santorini. In today’s world of GPS, it would not have been much of a task, but one could not rely solely on technology on an isolated island like Paros or Santorini. So what I did was I began studying the Google maps of those places. My wife was quite skeptical about our decision as well as on my navigation abilities. However she trusted my instincts as we had rode through remote parts of Goa in our last vacation. But there are an enormous …

Music is the soul of life

I feel that everyone would agree with the title of my post. There is hardly anyone in this world who does not love music. However there are two types of music lovers. One (the majority) people who simply love listening to music. Second are the musicians. By being a musician I mean those who learn music. This covers a broad range of people. From professional musicians to tiny tots who have just joined music classes, all these people swear by music.

Its unfortunate that we in India don’t give importance to off beat career choices. Academics is a must
even if the child is weak or has a flair in extra curricular activities. Thankfully the scenario today is
changing when it comes to taking up music and sports as a career. I belonged to old school where academics was must. So I joined coaching classes for cracking the
Medical Entrance Examinations as I dreamed of becoming a doctor. However I also belong to a family where cultural education is a must. After all I hail from Varanasi, the cultu…

The Dubai Grand

What does come to your mind when you think of Dubai? Grandeur I suppose! Well  grandeur comes at a price too. When we were planning a trip to Dubai, we wanted a fantastic trip on a budget. I mean just to experience Dubai in a lavish way , we could not possibly put our future vacations at risk! This trip was organized by my father in law but I as usual was the planner. I tried to put together a fantastico trip that we all would remember in the future.

One of the most important part of any trip is the stay. Dubai is known for extravagant hotels like the Burj Al Arab, Palm Atlantis, etc. But that requires unlimited moolah which we could spend in shopping or sight seeing. Dubai is also a shopper’s paradise…remember?

Well my job was to find that perfect little hotel that fulfilled all our criteria and turn our vacation into a fantastico one! Fortunately with the help of few sites, I was able to do so!

So I zeroed down on The Dubai Grand, a 3 star hotel run by an NRI family. It was not much f…

Gold Mornings